Launched in 2012, the Andorra residence without work was created to cater to global investors looking to relocate in Andorra and benefit from its low tax environment. After 7 years of residence, applicants can obtain a 10-year long term residence permit. Naturalization is not a straightforward process and can take 20 years to qualify.







Andorra la Vella


Euro (EUR)



Investment Amounts


Application Process

  • Stage 1 Day 1

    Collect documents and send the application to the Immigration department. The department will send you a proof they have received your application and will invite you to make the investment and schedule a medical exam. You are given up to 6 months to make the investment.

  • Stage 2 Day 2

    The medical exam appointment is schedule the next day and is performed for every one over 16 years of age. Children below that age can submit a vaccination book and medical certificate. The applicants will need to show proof of accommodation in Andorra.

  • Stage 3 Day 3

    You can pickup the permit the permit the day after the medical examination if the investment has already been made. Once the permit in its possession, the investor needs to register in his parish in which his accommodation is located.


  • Parents can be included as dependents if at charge and over 65y old
  • Children can be included as dependent up to 25 years old if registered to school
  • Low physical residence requirements of 90 days a year
  • Low tax environment of 10% on income




  • Accommodation in Andorra
  • Provide a Police report
  • Pass a medical exam and have valid health insurance in Andorra
  • Proof of annual revenue equivalent of 300% of the annual minimum wage

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