Greece Golden Visa Program


Bank deposit from €400,000

Real estate from €250,000

Processing time:3-4 Months

Visa-free Schengen:Yes

People all around the world think of Greece as a country of fresh seafood, stunning beaches, picturesque towns, and deep historical significance – and those people are correct! Greece has become a hot spot for tourism over the last few decades because it is easy to navigate, English is widely spoken, and it offers visitors a memorable experience.

Our Golden Visa & Citizenship by Investment Factsheet


If visiting does not seem sufficient, the Golden Visa Program in Greece might be of interest to investors and their families. The Greece Residency by Investment Program offers a wide range of benefits and a simple application process. There are many reasons investors take interest in obtaining a Greece Golden Visa, and no matter the reason, understanding the ins and outs of the process is critical.

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Origin of Golden Visa Program

The Greece Golden Visa Program started in 2014, offering wealthy investors a chance to obtain residency in the country. Due to its low fees and high popularity, the Greece Residency by Investment Program took off quickly. Offering access to the EU, a path to citizenship, and many travel benefits, this program is a wonderful investment, providing great value to applicants.






Aegean, Mediterranean, Ionian

Total Area

131,957 Km2



Visa-free countries





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Benefits of Pursuing Greece’s Golden Visa

As mentioned, there are a number of rich benefits to consider when applying for the Greece Golden Visa. Whether investors are trying to travel more freely around the European Union, find respite from dangerous circumstances in their home country, or enjoy tax benefits, the Greece Residency by Investment Program has it all. Some of the most popular benefits are:

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Travel Benefits

With a Greece Golden Visa in hand, investors can travel to any country in the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days out of every 6 months. The countries in the Schengen Zone are notoriously challenging to obtain visas for, so having visa-free access to them is a major benefit of this program.

Tax benefits

Tax Benefits

Becoming a Greek tax resident can bring monetary savings to investors because this allows each investor to pay a flat fee on their income instead of a percentage basis. Primary investors can choose to pay a flat annual tax of €100,000 no matter how high their income is.

EU Access for Living and Working

Path to the EU Citizenship

Since the Greece Golden Visa allows investors and their families to reside in Greece full time if they want to, it offers a path to citizenship that can otherwise be difficult to come by. After 5 years of residency, investors can apply for permanent residency. Then, after another 2 years, investors can apply for citizenship.


Welcoming Country

Historically, Greece has played a pivotal role in helping refugees in transport, as well as welcoming them to settle in the country. If investors face volatile circumstances in their home country, Greece is a great place to build a new life because the country is well-versed in welcoming new people.

Greece Golden Visa Residency Background

Why Greece?

Greece is an incredibly safe country. It also offers a socialized healthcare system, providing free emergency care to any person, independent of their nationality. Furthermore, Greek is a country that values traditional, slow ways of life. It places emphasis on family, rest, wholesome nourishment, and living life to the fullest; the Greeks have truly found out how to perfect simplicity, making it a great country for anyone to visit often or call home.

Visa-free travel
with a Golden Visa

The golden visa provides visa-free access to all countries in the European Schengen zone, including Italy, Switzerland, France, and many others:



Czech Republic
























Furthermore, the golden visa makes it significantly easier to obtain tourist visas to the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Investment Options and Associated Fees

Individuals over the age of 18, with no criminal record, and sufficient income are eligible to apply for Greece Residency by Investment. Their applications can include a partner or spouse, children under 21, and financially dependent parents. Though the most popular investment option is through real estate, Greece offers investors multiple investment options to obtain a Greece Golden Visa. Please note that all investment types require a state fee of €2,000 for each investor and an additional €150 per family member over 18 years of age. Applicants are also required to obtain medical insurance at a rate of €300 per person.


Real Estate Purchase


Both commercial and residential properties are considered eligible investments for the Greece Golden Visa Program as long as the investment is €250,000 or more. This investment option allows the purchased real estate to be rented out if the investor does not wish to use it as a residence in the country. After five years, the investor can sell the property and enjoy a return on their investment.

Investors can also purchase real estate and register it to an EU-based company if the investor owns the company in its entirety. Couples can purchase a property together if the investment amount is at least €500,000.

There will be fees, taxes, and costs incurred during the purchasing process which usually amount to about 10% of the property’s value. These fees are in addition to the state fees and medical insurance fees noted above.

Real estate

Can be resold in 5 Years

Taxes and other fees

Payable upon grant of approval in principle

€15 000

Application & residence card fee:

Payable upon grant of approval in principle

€5 340
per person


Hotel or Timeshare Rentals


Signing a lease agreement with a hotel or other tourist property for at least 10 years can also be a valid form of investment. This investment needs to be at least €250,000 and will require investors to pay the state fees and medical insurance costs outlined above.

Real Estate Minimum


Application & residence card fee:

Payable upon grant of approval in principle

€5 340
per person


Securities or Bank Deposit


With a minimum purchase of €400,000 in government bonds, securities, or a bank deposit, investors are eligible to obtain a Greece Golden Visa. Of course, state fees and medical insurance fees are required for each person listed on the application.

Investment minimum

5 years

Application & residence card fee:

Payable upon grant of approval in principle

€5 340
per person

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The Other Side of an Investment

The Greek government opened the Golden Visa Program in an attempt to save the country from its financial crisis. The investments brought by foreign investors are a great help to getting the country back on track financially. Greece offers so much to investors, but the relationship is very symbiotic.

Greece Citizenship

If investors reside in Greece full-time for five years while holding a Greece Golden Visa, they can then apply for permanent residence. After holding permanent residence status for two years, individuals can apply for citizenship. A great part of applying for Greek citizenship is that the country does not require applicants to surrender their previous citizenship, unlike many other countries in the European Union.

Applicants are eligible for Greek citizenship only if they do not have a criminal record, and have integrated into the country. Applicants will be required to take a written exam that contains language, culture, history, geography, and government-related questions.

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Working with a Competent Agent

Finding a competent agent to help move the process along is important no matter who the investor is. Many of the steps in the application process require the agents to be present, and most countries will not even review applications unless they are properly represented. Additionally, well-equipped firms can help guide both sides through a smooth process, ensuring efficient delivery of the Greece Golden Visa to applicants.

Authorized Licensed agent

Application Procedure

Before starting the application process, the applicant’s agent will conduct a preliminary review of the application. This review allows the agent to identify any potential problems during the official application process and mitigate those issues prior to applying. Once due diligence is complete, the process is as follows:

Completing Investment

If real estate is the chosen investment type, the agent will help the client find a suitable property, open a Greek bank account, and obtain a taxpayer number. For other investment types, the agent will get all necessary transaction requirements in place and assist the investor in sending in the investment amount.

Preparing Documents and Applying

After the investment is complete, the investor and their agent will help them prepare and translate all necessary documents. Investors will also be required to obtain medical insurance for every person listed on the application at this time. All required documents are then submitted to the Ministry of Immigration to be reviewed.

The application must be submitted in person. After applying, investors will receive a certificate that allows them to remain in the country for up to a year. On the same day of the application, investors and their family members will be required to submit biometric data in the form of fingerprints prior to granting the residence permit card.

Obtaining Residence Permit Card

Within 2 months, investors should know whether their application was approved. If approved, investors and their family members can collect their residence cards in person or work with a lawyer to collect them. The residence permit granted by the Greece Golden Visa is valid for five years and must be renewed within two months of expiration.

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At Global Residence Index, our team of experienced agents is committed to helping each client obtain the residency of their choosing.

We work with many individuals and families who are seeking to relocate or simply make Greece their second home, and the Greece Golden Visa is a great option.

With the extensive experience we bring to the table, each applicant will get personalized support throughout the entire process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a residency requirement for the Greece Residency by Investment Program?

For applicants who hold a Greece Golden Visa, there are no strict residency requirements. However, if an applicant is attempting to obtain citizenship or permanent residency, investors are required to reside in Greece for at least 183 days a year.

Can family members be included in the application?

Yes! The Greece Global Visa welcomes the family members of primary investors, including children, partners, and dependent parents.

Who can I include in my application?

You can include your spouse, children under 21, and parents of any age.

Is it possible to get a return on investment?

Yes, if permanent residence is obtained, the property can be sold to recoup the initial investment.

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