The Ireland residence by investment program was first introduced in 2012. It took time for the program to pick up, but since 2016 it has experienced a boom, with more than a thousand applicants getting approved each year. Approved applicants receive temporary residence totaling 5 years, after which they become eligible for permanent residence and Irish citizenship. The Irish passport is one of the world’s best, providing visa-free travel to the U.S. and freedom of movement across Europe. Ireland provides non-domiciled with taxation based on remittance, which is financially advantageous for wealthy foreigners.





4.8 million




Euro (EUR)


Irish, English

Investment Amounts


Application Process

  • Stage 1 Month 1

    Gather documents and submit the investor visa application, along with the application fees. The investor is required to submit a plan detailing the investment to the Evaluation Committee.

  • Stage 2 Month 3

    The Evaluation Committee sends an approval in principle letter. The applicant is required to complete the investment.

  • Stage 3 Month 4

    The residence permit is issued for a length of 2 years, to be renewed for one year with a length of 3 years, then 5 years.


  • Can deduct 50,000 EUR for education purposes
  • Physical presence requirement of only 1 day a year
  • You can apply for citizenship after 5 years
  • Applicants can bring their children up to 25 years old
  • Right to travel within the Schengen area




  • Provide a police report
  • Possess private health insurance
  • Net worth of 2m EUR
  • Maintain investment for renewals

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