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The New Zealand residence by investment program was first introduced in 1999. Since then the New Zealand Immigrant Investor program has been a popular path for wealthy foreigners to get residence in the country. The New Zealand Investor categories provide temporary residence that can lead to permanent residence after 4 years. Permanent residents living in the territory for 5 years become eligible for New Zealand citizenship. The New Zealand passport is one of the world’s best and provides visa-free travel to the U.S. and Europe. New Zealand is famous for its exceptional quality of life.




5 million




New Zealand Dollar (AUD)


English, Maori


Investment Amounts

Investor (1)

Investor (2)


Application Process

  • STAGE 1: Month 1

    Submit an Expression of Interest with the payment of fees; you don’t need to send any documents yet. You will be contacted shortly with the nomination; you have 4 months to submit an application for the Investor permanent residence permit.

  • STAGE 2: Month 2

    Gather the required documents, submit the Investor application, and pay the application fees. Immigration NZ will review your application and make a decision. Applicants to the Investor (1) are not required to submit an expression of interest and can start at Stage 2.

  • STAGE 3: Month 4-9

    Immigration NZ will send you an approval in principle authorizing you to complete the transfer of funds; you have 12 months to do so and send proof that the funds were transferred into an acceptable investment. You will then receive permanent residence. Investor (1) applicants will have their application processed in 90 days, whereas Investor (2) applicants will have their application processed, on average, in 8 months.



  • Investor (1) needs to spend only 44 days in NZ in each of the final 2 years of the 3-year investment period or 88 days at any time over the 3 years. Investor (3) 438 days at any time over the 4 year period
  • Applying to the more expensive Investor (2) can remove many of the requirements (eg. English language, Business management experience)
  • Investment can provide returns
  • Applicants can bring their children up to 24 years of age; parents can apply under the Parent Retirement program



  • Provide a police report and be of good character
  • Provide a medical certificate
  • Prove a net worth of 3m NZD, unless applying to Investor (1)
  • Possess at least 3 years of business management experience, unless applying to Investor (1)
  • Applicant must be 65 years old or younger, unless applying to Investor (1)
  • You may be required to take language classes after approval, unless applying to Investor (1)
  • Investor (2) must spend 146 days per year in New Zealand

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