Slovenia Residence by Investment

Slovenia is a small European nation that was part of Yugoslavia located east of Italy. It’s a European Union member and provides a very safe environment. Business investors can obtain temporary residence in Slovenia by investing 50,000 EUR into a company. This investment can be made into fixed assets such as real estate, cars and furniture. Up to 2 investors and their family can receive temporary residence in Slovenia with this path. After 5 years of temporary residence, foreigners can apply for permanent residence (PR) in Slovenia. Those holding PR can qualify for naturalization into Slovenian citizenship after 2 years. Citizenship by investment is also possible for significant investors, but no program of the sort exists. Applicants need to petition the government and demonstrate that they have provided exceptional contribution to Slovenia. The Slovenia passport is one of the best in the world, with visa-free travel to the U.S. and freedom of movement in the European Union.

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Slovenia Business investor

In order to be eligible for the program the following basic conditions must be met:

  • a valid passport (the expiry date of which exceeds the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia by at least three months);
  • health insurance covering urgent health care services in the Republic of Slovenia as a minimum requirement;
  • sufficient means of subsistence in a monthly amount at least equal to the basic minimal income in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • a police clearance certificate not older than three months from your country (if the country in question issues it), translated into Slovenian, and verified;
  • an authentic photograph of yourself, and you are also required to submit two of your fingerprints at a diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Slovenia abroad for their digital capture.¬

In addition, you are also required to fulfill other conditions for the issue of the first temporary residence permit, all of which depend on the purpose of your stay in the Republic of Slovenia.

For more information visit the official government website.

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