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Our Pre-Screening


This initial step is important because it helps us and each client identify any potential issues prior to submitting an application for citizenship.

When choosing to apply to a citizenship by investment program or residency by investment program, applicants will undergo a strict multi-level screening process. While the screening happens at multiple points throughout each application process, and different countries might have different requirements, one step that every one of our clients will undergo is our Pre-Due Diligence Screening.

Doing our best to make this part of the process as quick and seamless as possible, our team will collect the required information from each applicant and conduct a helpful and informative pre-screening.


The Purpose of Pre-Screening

Our team expertly conducts pre-screening for all of our clients. The process is quick and usually only takes a few days to complete. However, our pre-screening can save immense amounts of time in the longer run. Pre-screening gives our team a chance to make sure documents are in order and we have an understanding of any items that could jeopardize the success of an application, as well as a plan to resolve those flagged items. A few of the major reasons for the pre-screening process are:


1. Issue Resolution

We believe that it is better to get ahead of any potential issues before they become issues and offer our clients a chance to resolve items as needed. If our team finds something that could disqualify an applicant from being successful, we can help facilitate corrective steps. On the other hand, if these same issues were identified during the official application process, an applicant could be denied and banned from re-applying.


2. Application Preparation

The programs we work with often require many many official documents required, and if a person is not well-versed in these documents, things get confusing fast. During pre-due diligence, our agents can make sure that the client is able to obtain all required documents. If time is needed to get things in order, it is much easier to slow the process down before it officially starts. 


Understanding the Process

The pre-due diligence screening is usually the shortest part of any application process. After collecting the required information for the screening, our team will take 1-3 business days to review an applicant’s materials and the likelihood of success. The process will look something like the outline below:

  1. Collect required documents and information from the applicant, including passport information, financial records, and background details.
  2. Review the applicant’s history in full and identify any items that could negatively impact the application process. 
  3. Share findings with the client and resolve any issues that were found.


Information Included in the Pre-Screening

To mitigate any potential risks that could arise when applying for citizenship by investment or a similar program, applicants will need to be forthright in providing documents for the pre-due diligence checks. It is important to remember that our team at Global Residence Index wants each and every applicant to have a successful experience in obtaining a second passport or permanent residence. With that in mind, the process maintains a collaborative approach as our licensed agents review the following:


Financial History

Money laundering and tax fraud issues are two major issues that governments with citizenship by investment programs are watching out for. These programs often face criticism for these issues, and governments are not interested in adding to that stigma. Our team will review the applicant’s financial history and current financial standing to get an idea of any risks, challenges, legal issues, or other financial problems that could arise during the application process.


Criminal Background

Having a criminal background of any kind is a non-starter for most residency by investment and citizenship by investment programs. Background checks are easy to obtain, and often very quick, but they act as a vital safeguard for every country that offers one of these programs. 


Review of All Applicants

Many programs allow primary investors to include family members on the application. If that is the case, our team will review the criminal background and financial status of each adult applicant that is going to be included in the application.


Pre-Due Diligence is Our First Tool for Successful Applicants

Clients choosing our firm are guaranteed a thorough pre-screening process. Not only does it provide a set of tools to address any potential items that could lead to a rejected application, but it can also mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application. Since it protects all parties involved, we are committed to our robust, pre-due diligence process. 

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