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The Singapore residence by investment program was first introduced in 1989. Since then the Singapore Global Investor Programme has been very popular throughout Asia. The program proposes to the investor 2 investment options, both of which provide permanent residence in Singapore. After only 3 years of permanent residence, applicants become eligible for Singapore citizenship. The Singapore passport is one of the best in the world, with visa-free travel to the U.S., Europe, and China. Singapore is known for its high quality of life, secure environment, highly rated universities, and tax-friendly environment.




5.6 million




Singapore Dollar (SGD)


English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil


Investment Amounts

GIP Business option A

GIP Fund option B


Application Process

  • STAGE 1: Month 1

    Gather the required documents and submit the GIP application to Contact Singapore, along with application fees. Contact Singapore invites the applicant for an interview.

  • STAGE 2: Month 5

    The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will issue an Approval-in-Principle and invite the applicant to complete his investment within 6 months. Upon completion, the proof of investment is sent.

  • STAGE 3: Month 6

    Contact Singapore issues a final approval letter that will permit the applicant to finalize his permanent residence status.



  • Applicants are provided with a permanent residence
  • Low tax environment, with no tax on foreign income
  • Applicant can qualify for citizenship after 2 years
  • No physical presence requirements if the applicant doesn’t renew PR after 5 years (naturalisation requires 12 months of physical residence prior to application)
  • Applicants can bring their children under 21 years old. Parents and children 21 years old and older can apply for a 5-year permit.



  • Provide a declaration of good character
  • Demonstrate business experience; 3 years if choosing Option A
  • Provide audited financial reports of applicant’s main business; 50m SGD in turnover if choosing Option A
  • Provide a business plan if choosing Option A
  • Children of main applicant receiving permanent residence are eligible for military service

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