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Spain Golden Visa Program


Bank deposit from €1,000,000

Real estate from €500,000

Processing time:5-7 Months

Visa-free Schengen:Yes

The Spanish language is spoken in countries around the world, signifying just how much of an impact Spain has had on a global level. This country has a relaxed lifestyle, a range of terrains, and many different areas to visit to settle down. Whether someone is looking for a big city to call home or a small pueblo to plant roots, Spain has both options and everything in between.

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By obtaining a golden visa from Spain, investors and their families can become residents of the country, though they are not obligated to move to Spain. The application process is fairly simple, offers many benefits, and can lead to EU citizenship in a number of years.

Spanish Passports

Origin of Golden Visa Program

The Spain Residency by Investment Program was launched in 2013 and has since processed many applications for Spanish residency. This program allows investors to become Spanish residents without undergoing language or cultural testing, as well as offers a path to citizenship after 10 years of living in the country full-time. Though there is no direct citizenship by investment option for Spain, the Spanish Golden Visa provides a stepping stone to investors from all over the world who are seeking to obtain Spanish citizenship.







Total Area

505,990 Km2



Visa-free countries





Spain Map

Benefits of Pursuing Spain’s Golden Visa

Since Spain is a highly regarded member of the European Union, holders of a golden visa from Spain can enjoy many of the same benefits as Spanish citizens. Travel perks and access to Spain’s social services are just a couple of the benefits offered by the Spain Residency by Investment Program. The major benefits are as follows:

Woman holding Passport

Travel Benefits

Individuals that have a valid residence permit in Spain, as provided by the Spain Golden Visa, can enjoy visa-free travel to all of the countries that are in the Schengen zone. Visitors to other Schengen countries can stay in those countries for up to 90 days within any 6-month period.

Business Opportunities

Work and Business Benefits

With a Spain Golden Visa, applicants can secure a work permit in Spain and continue their professional endeavors in the country. For entrepreneurs, the deal becomes even more lucrative because they can create a new business in Spain or transfer an existing business to the country.

Social Services with Citizenship by Investment

Healthcare and Education

Spain has a socialized medical system, meaning that its residents receive top-notch medical care that is generally free or very affordable. Beyond Spain, participants in the Spain Golden Visa Program can access medical care in any of the Schengen countries. Similar to healthcare, education opportunities in Spain, which are high quality and very affordable, are available to holders of the Spain Golden Visa.

Path to Citizenship

It can be extremely difficult for individuals and their families to gain citizenship within the European Union. Though the Spain Golden Visa does not guarantee future citizenship in Spain, it does open a pathway for holders to apply for citizenship after 10 years of full-time residency in the country.

Why Spain?

With one of the top healthcare systems in the world, as ranked by the World Health Organization, temperate weather, many transportation options that make travel easy, and a relaxed lifestyle, Spain truly shows that one country can do it all. Though the process to obtain citizenship in Spain is complex, it is worth the time commitment, and the Spain Golden Visa is the perfect starting point.

Visa-free travel
with a Golden Visa

The golden visa provides visa-free access to all countries in the European Schengen zone, including Italy, Switzerland, France, and many others:



Czech Republic
























Furthermore, the golden visa makes it significantly easier to obtain tourist visas to the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Investment Options and Associated Fees

Investors that are over 18 and have legal income are eligible to apply for the Spain Residency by Investment Program. They can include their spouses, financially dependent children, and elderly parents that are also financially dependent on the investor. There are multiple investment options for investors to pursue, such as:


Real Estate Purchase


With a minimum real estate purchase of €500,000, investors and their families can apply for the Spain Residency by Investment Program. This investment can be for one property or multiple properties, as the law does not declare that the entire sum of the investment must be used for one real estate transaction.

If real estate is the preferred investment route, investors can expect to pay taxes of 6% to 12% for residential real estate purchases and up to 25% for commercial purchases. There is also a notary fee and a registration fee that can be up to €1,000 and €650, respectively.

Real estate investments can be rented out or sold after applicants obtain permanent residency in Spain (5 years), offering a route to profit off of the investment in the future.

Real Estate Minimum

Can be resold in 5 Years

Taxes and other fees

Payable upon grant of approval in principle



Bank Deposit


With a deposit of €1,000,000 or more in a Spanish bank, applicants become eligible to apply for a Spain Golden Visa. This fee is the required investment fee that allows investors to include their family on the application as well.

Bank deposit minimum

in 5 years


Government Bonds


An investment of at least €2,000,000 in government bonds qualifies as an eligible investment for the Spain Residency by Investment Program.

Investment Minimum

€2 000 000
in 5 years


Purchase of Shares


With a minimum purchase of €1,000,000 in shares of Spanish companies OR shares of qualifying investment or venture funds, applicants can proceed with the application process to obtain a Spain Golden Visa.

Business investment minimum

€1 000 000
in 5 years
Photo of Spain

The Other Side of an Investment

The Spain Golden Visa brings foreign investments to Spain, opens up potential jobs and business opportunities, and injects funds into the Spanish economy. Depending on the investment route selected by each applicant, the impact on the current Spanish citizens is different, but all are beneficial.

Spanish Citizenship

The Spanish government has imposed tight restrictions on the path to citizenship to ensure that investors cannot buy their way into citizenship, and are instead, encouraged to participate in the country’s economy and lifestyle for a number of years before pursuing citizenship. The path to Spanish citizenship is long but rewarding. After living in the country full time for five years, investors and their families can apply for permanent residency in Spain. Five years after obtaining residency, for a total of ten years, they then become eligible to apply for citizenship. Though the Spain Golden Visa can be renewed easily and does not require full-time residency in the country, applicants that are interested in pursuing citizenship must live in Spain full time.

View in Spain

Application Procedure

Due Diligence Check

As the first step in the application process, our team at Global Residence Index will conduct a due diligence screening of each applicant to identify and mitigate any issues that may arise during the application process. This step can save a lot of time down the line and minimize the risk of rejection. When the client has successfully passed, we can proceed to the next step which is the investment.

Investment Completion

This part of the process can take a few months. It requires investors to select the best investment route for their situation and get everything in order to complete the investment. A lawyer who has power of attorney for the applicant will then obtain a taxpayer number for the investor and prepare the investment documents. Then, the investment will be exercised, and this step will be complete.

Application Submission

Once the investment transaction is done, the investor needs to physically travel to Spain on a tourist visa or other applicable visa type. All documents will be prepared and translated if necessary before the application is submitted. Once the application is submitted, the investor and their family members will be fingerprinted by the police, meaning that the family members must be in the country as well.

Approval and Residence Permit Cards

It can take up to 20 days for the application to be reviewed, but once approved, the investor can receive residence permit cards in person. The first residence permit will be valid for 2 years. After the 2-year period, the investor must return to Spain to renew their status, which can be extended to a 5-year validity at that time.

Our Team

At Global Residence Index, we have decades of experience under our belts when it comes to residency by investment.

We know how to seamlessly navigate every step of the problem, efficiently resolve issues, and assist our clients in obtaining their residency quickly. To many, these processes are daunting obstacles that seem almost impossible, but to us, they are our daily challenges.

We enjoy working through unique situations to help our clients live out their dreams.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this investment grant applicants citizenship?

No, this only grants a temporary residence in Spain. To obtain citizenship, investors will need to apply for permanent residency after living in Spain full time for 5 years, then can apply for citizenship after another 5 years.

Can this process be conducted remotely?

No, this process requires investors to already be in Spain before applying.

Who can I include in my application?

You can include your spouse, and children up to the age of 25.

Is there a residency requirement for Spain Golden Visa holders?

The resideny requirement is mainly for investors that are seeking a path to citizenship. In order to be eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship down the line, investors must reside in Spain full-time for 10 years.

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