Spain Investor Residency




The Spain residence by investment program was first introduced in 2013 to help the economy back towards growth. It gained great popularity in recent years, providing temporary residence in Spain to thousands of applicants. The Spain Investor resident permit offers 5 investment options, including a popular real estate option. The investor receives a renewable Spanish temporary residence permit which they can turn into a permanent residence after 5 years. After 10 years of residence in Spain, foreigners can apply for citizenship. Spain’s passport is one of the world’s best, with visa-free travel to the U.S. and freedom of movement across Europe.





47 million




Euro (EUR)



Application Process

  • Stage 1 Month 1

    Gather documents. Submit visa application, along with application fees.

  • Stage 2 Month 2

    The authority issues a visa within 10 working days for the investor to finalise his investment and provide his biometrics. Upon completing the investment, the investor must submit the application for the residence permit.

  • Stage 3 Month 3

    The residence permit is issued for a length of 1 year, to be renewed for a 2-year permit, then a 5-year permit.



  • Physical presence in Spain only requires 1 visit during the length of the residence permit
  • Non-resident tax rate of 24% on worldwide income
  • Applicants can bring their parents and children as long as they are unmarried and financially dependent
  • Right to travel within the Schengen area




  • Provide a police report and be of good character
  • Possess health insurance
  • Investment must be held for renewals

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