The Most and Least Corrupt Countries

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The Most and Least Corrupt Countries

The Most and Least Corrupt Countries in the World in 2019


Transparency International is celebrating its 25 years with the release of its annual Corruption Index. The index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople, uses a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. More than two-thirds of countries score below 50 on this year’s CPI, with an average score of just 43.

Corruption is much more likely to flourish where democratic foundations are weak and, as we have seen in many countries, where undemocratic and populist politicians can use it to their advantage.

Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair Transparency International

Corruption is as old as civilization and has been part of society from the very beginning. Reducing corruption is the process that every emerging country faces in order to improve the efficiency of government spending. The strongest tools for governments to combat corruption are oversight and accountability.



The Least Corrupt Countries in the World

Western countries feature predominately at the top of the ranking of least corrupt country in the world. Its not to say there are not corruption in those country, but there is simply less. The majority of the best ranked countries are in Europe.

Denmark #1

Denmark has been ranking as the least Corrupt for the past few years. Located in Norther Europe, Denmark is a small country known for its exceptional quality of life and efficient governing. Its known to be very safe and secure. If you are interest in living in Denmark you can apply for the startup visa for entrepreneurs.

New Zealand #2

New Zealand has been tailing Denmark for a good wild now at the top of the corruption index. In last year ranking it has also been able to surpass Denmark in the Corruption Index of 2017.  New Zealand is located in Oceania next to Australia. Its truly a wonderful place to live with having the benefit of warm weather all year long. For those interest in living in New Zealand, you can apply to the Investor Visa.

Singapore #3

Singapore has been improving in the ranking since 2015. Its now tied in 3rd place with Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. Singapore is a city-state in South-East Asia surrounded by Malaysia. Its one of the richest and most modern cities in the world. It attracts people from all around the world due to its tolerance regarding other culture. English is also an official language. For those interest in living in Singapore, you can apply to the Global Investor Programme.


The Most Corrupt Countries in the World

At the bottom of the list you find war-torn countries such as Sudan and the separated South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. This highlight the constant struggle for resources in time of crisis when there isn't enough to go around. Syria has gradually declined with the war, whereas Afghanistan has been able to improve its standing and was able to drag itself out of the bottom of the list. So has Libya and Iraq have done in recent years.

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