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The U.S. residence by investment program was first introduced in 1990. The US EB-5 Investor visa enables entrepreneurs to start a business by investing 1m USD. In 1992 the EB5 program was complemented by a passive option using entities named Regional Centers to invest on the behalf of the investor in projects in Target Employment Area (TEA). Investors receive a conditional U.S. Green Card. After 2 years of conditional residence, the performance of the investment will be assessed and, if positive, the condition would be removed. U.S. citizenship can be obtained after 3 years of living in America. The American passport is one of the best travel documents, with visa-free travel to the European Union for 90 days in a period of 180 days.


North America


325 million


Washington. D.C.


US Dollar (USD)




Investment Amounts

EB-5 Investor TEA


Application Process

  • STAGE 1: Month 1

    Gather the necessary documents and transfer the investment into escrow. Submit application Form I-526.

  • STAGE 2: Month 26

    The I-526 petition is approved. Apply for Form I-485. The applicant is required to complete a medical examination and an interview.

  • STAGE 3: Month 42

    The EB-5 investor visa is approved and issued.



  • Only requires 1 day per year of physical presence
  • Can apply to have conditions removed after 2 years
  • Investments can provide returns
  • Applicants can bring their children up to 19 years of age



  • Provide a police report and be of good character
  • Provide a medical certificate
  • Invest in a Regional Center project in a Targeted Employment Area
  • Create 10 jobs, directly or indirectly

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