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Hungary’s Golden Visa Program: An Overview

Mark Damsgaard

Mark Damsgaard

Founder of Global Residence Index

Last updated: December 29, 2023


Hungary has introduced a new Golden Visa option for those seeking residency in Europe through real estate investment. This initiative follows the closure of Hungary’s previous permanent residency program in 2017.

The Old and the New

Previously, Hungary offered a straightforward permanent residency program, requiring a €300,000 investment in bonds. However, this program was discontinued.

Despite this, Hungary has maintained a Golden Visa program where investing in real estate through a Hungarian company granted residency. This involved purchasing two apartments totaling €240,000 and earning rental income, thereby granting residency under favorable tax conditions.

The New Golden Visa: Guest Investor Program (GIP)

The Guest Investor Program (GIP) is Hungary’s latest offering. It includes:

  • Investing €250,000 in a real estate fund,
  • Purchasing €500,000 worth of real estate directly, or
  • A less popular option of a €1 million donation.

The details regarding the type of real estate and location restrictions are yet to be finalized, with more information expected in the coming months. This program is set to activate in late 2024.

The previously outlined €240,000 investment pathway offers a viable alternative if you are eager to secure European residency sooner. Additionally, other attractive residency programs across Europe can be explored.

Additional Residency Options

Besides GIP, Hungary offers other residency routes:

  • Purchasing an apartment over €100,000 in Budapest,
  • Starting a company with active business operations, or
  • Purchasing two apartments totaling €240,000 and earning rental income.

These options highlight Hungary’s openness to high-value immigration while maintaining strict policies against free-entry refugees.

Hungary’s Attractive Tax and Lifestyle Benefits

Hungary is appealing due to its:

  • Low corporate tax rate of 9%.
  • Absence of inheritance and wealth taxes.
  • Crypto-friendly policies.
  • Beautiful cities like Budapest and a vibrant expat community.

Political and Economic Context

Hungary, under Viktor Orban’s leadership, has been assertive in its economic and immigration policies, often clashing with EU norms. This stance includes maintaining low taxes and attracting high-value immigrants while opposing minimum corporate taxes.

The Future of Hungary’s Golden Visa

The GIP is expected to be a streamlined and more accessible version of Hungary’s residency options. It’s designed to be less subjective than previous programs and to attract a broader range of applicants, especially from China and the USA.


Hungary’s new Golden Visa program, along with its other residency options, presents an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest in Europe. The country’s low tax rates and strategic location within the Schengen area make it an appealing destination for investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Next Steps

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