Portugal Golden Residency




The Portugal residence by investment program was first introduced in 2012. The Portugal Golden Residency program rapidly became a popular path towards European residence for wealthy foreigners. Approved applicants receive temporary residence totaling 5 years, after which the investor can apply for permanent residence. After 6 years of living in the country, they become eligible for Portugal citizenship.  The Portuguese passport is one of the world’s best, with visa-free travel to the U.S. and freedom of movement across Europe. The Portugal tax regime is also very advantageous to non-domiciled individuals as they are not liable for their foreign income.





10.3 million




Euro (EUR)



Investment Amounts


Application Process

  • Stage 1 Month 1

    Gather documents and make an investment. Submit application to the SEF along with application fees.

  • Stage 2 Month 2

    The authority issues a confirmation that the application has been received and processed with due diligence.

  • Stage 3 Month 5

    The SEF approves the application; the applicant is required to visit Portugal to have his biometrics taken. The residence permit is provided for a length of 1 year; this must be renewed for 2-year permits after that.



  • Physical presence in Portugal only for a period of 7 or more days in the first year, and 14 or more days in following years
  • No tax on foreign income for non-domiciled
  • Can apply for citizenship after 6 years
  • Applicants can bring their parents and children who are students
  • Right to travel within the Schengen area




  • Provide a police report and be of good character
  • Possess health insurance
  • Document proving a lack of debt to Portuguese authorities
  • Investment must be held for 5 years for renewals

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