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New Mandatory Interview Requirements in Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

New Mandatory Interview Requirements in Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Article publication date: November 15, 2023
Article author: Mark Damsgaard (Founder of Global Residence Index)
Fact-checked by: Roleece Brookes (Caribbean Program Specialist at Global Residence Index)

Changes are afoot in the world of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs.

In a significant update to the CBI landscape, several Caribbean nations have recently announced mandatory interview requirements along with adjustments to their due diligence processes and fee structures. Here’s a breakdown of these pivotal changes:

Country Mandatory Interview Interview Fee (USD) Interview Format Applicant Age Requirement Due Diligence Fee (USD) Interview Language Options Additional Notes
Commonwealth of Dominica Yes 1,000 per person aged 16+ Virtual 16+ N/A Multiple Options Separate conditions for Iranian citizens
St. Lucia Yes N/A (included in the main applicant due diligence fee, raised from 7,500 to 8,000) In-person / Virtual N/A (Main applicant only) 8,000 (Main applicant) N/A N/A
Grenada Yes 1,000 per person Virtual (Automated) 17+ N/A Multiple Options N/A
St. Kitts and Nevis Yes N/A (included in the due diligence fees, raised to 10,000 for the main applicant and 7,500 for dependents aged 16+) In-person / Virtual N/A N/A N/A Independent firm conducts interviews
Antigua and Barbuda Yes 1,500 per application Virtual 16+ N/A N/A Post-due diligence process

Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica has introduced a mandatory interview fee of $1,000 USD for applicants aged 16 and over. These interviews will be conducted virtually and require the presence of the applicant and any dependents aged 16 and over, without agents or promoters. Applicants must be ready with their ID and supporting documents, and they have the option to conduct the interview in their preferred language.

St. Lucia

Starting September 4, 2023, St. Lucia’s CBI program will require mandatory interviews, which can be conducted either in-person or online. The main applicants will face an increased due diligence fee of $8,000 USD, up by $500. This interview requirement applies only to the main applicant.


From September 4, 2023, Grenada mandates interviews for applicants 17 years or older, with an interview fee of $1,000 USD per family member. Applicants can choose their preferred interview language, and the interview process will be automated with instructions provided via email.

St. Kitts and Nevis

In St. Kitts and Nevis, the Citizenship by Investment program now includes mandatory interviews for applicants. These can be conducted virtually or in person, and are handled either by an independent professional firm or the Citizenship Unit itself.

Accompanying this update is a revision of the due diligence fees. The fee for the main applicant is now set at $10,000, and for dependents aged 16 and above, it is $7,500. This adjustment in fees aligns with the inclusion of interview costs and the enhanced processing measures for the program.

Antigua and Barbuda

From December 15, 2023, all applicants, including family members aged 16 and above, will have to undergo an interview, priced at $1,500 per application. These interviews will be part of the due diligence process and will be conducted virtually.

What Does This Mean for Applicants?

These updates mark a significant shift in the CBI programs, emphasizing enhanced security and due diligence processes. Applicants should be prepared for these additional steps and fees when planning their citizenship applications.

We welcome and appreciate these changes as they serve to strengthen the reputation of our industry and the Caribbean CBI programs. By reinforcing security measures and due diligence, these programs continue to maintain high standards, thereby enhancing their credibility and appeal on the global stage. This commitment to excellence not only benefits the nations offering these programs but also provides greater assurance and value to the applicants.

For more information and detailed guidance on navigating these changes, stay tuned to our blog or contact us for expert advice and assistance.

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