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Nationals of Dominica, Honduras, Vanuatu Now Require Visas to Enter Ireland

Mark Damsgaard

Mark Damsgaard

Founder of Global Residence Index

Last updated: March 6, 2024

Starting March 7, 2024, all travelers with passports from Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu will be subject to new visa regulations, including the need for a transit visa when passing through Irish airports on the way to further destinations. The move reflects a broader realignment of Ireland’s visa policy to enhance immigration control and find common ground with policies employed in the UK and the Schengen Area.

Ireland’s Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, has indicated that the decision is part of a continuum of adjustments that adapt to changing needs for national security and border management. The requirements are expected to help Ireland maintain a delicate balance between stringent immigration measures and a welcoming approach to international visitors. As global mobility evolves, so too do the responses of nations like Ireland, seeking to ensure that entry protocols effectively meet their strategic and security objectives.

Key Takeaways

  • New visa requirements for Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu nationals entering Ireland commence on March 7, 2024.
  • Travelers from these nations will also need a transit visa to pass through Ireland en route to other countries.
  • These changes align Ireland’s visa policies more closely with those of the UK and Schengen Area for better immigration control.

Specific Interim Measures for Travelers From Select Nations

Ireland’s authorities will implement interim measures for travelers from Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu who scheduled their journeys prior to the enforcement of new visa regulations. These travelers will be accommodated to ensure minimal disruption to their plans.

Although new visa requirements have been introduced for these nations, the impact is anticipated to be minimal due to historically low travel numbers between these countries and Ireland. It is unlikely that the visa changes will lead to a notable increase in applications, as the existing volume of travelers from these countries is limited.

In 2022, Ireland issued a total of 113,579 visas. Short-stay visas accounted for 61,855 of these, while long-stay visas comprised 51,694. The data suggests travel from Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu comprises a small fraction of the overall entry permissions granted by Ireland.

Passport Strength: A Comparative Overview of Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu

  • Dominica sits at the 73rd position, enabling its citizens visa-free access to 111 destinations, yet requiring visas for 67 countries.
  • Honduras is ranked 79th, with a passport score of 64.78, and offers its nationals the possibility of visa-free travel to 100 countries, contrasted with a visa requirement for 80 destinations.
  • In contrast, Vanuatu is currently ranked 119th, its passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to 54 countries.

These positions are subject to change, and factors such as the forthcoming visa stipulations for Ireland will impact their respective rankings and the international access they provide.


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