Chile residence by Investment

Chile offers a few options for wealthy foreigners looking to relocate to the country. The great benefit of Chile is that you can qualify for permanent residence after 1 year and citizenship after 5 years of residence. Chile is the best country to live in South America and obtaining a residence permit in Chile is rather affordable compared to other options. Furthermore, the Chile passport is one of the best in the world, allowing visa-free travel to the EU and the U.S.

Children and even parent dependents can apply to the program.

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Chile Investor program

The Chile Immigrant Investor program is actually a business investor scheme resembling an entrepreneur program. The applicants are required to make a business investment in Chile. There are 2 paths to this temporary residence permit depending on whether you are to settle in the capital area of Santiago or you are starting your business in the other regions. It’s estimated that an investment of 75,000 USD in the capital should be enough to qualify in the capital region, whereas a lower amount would qualify in the other regions. Each business project is evaluated on its own merit and applications are evaluated on the nature of the project and the number of jobs it creates.

Chile Rentier

The Chile Rentier program enables foreigners with sufficient revenue to qualify for temporary residence in Chile. The advantages of this program is that it doesn’t impose age restrictions and income requirements are not high.

Chile Startup Visa

The Chile Startup Visa has been hugely successful since its creation in 2010. Many startups have been launched in Chile thanks to the program. Those interested in launching a startup in Chile have the choice of 3 programs that provide different levels of financing and sets of conditions. Approved applicants will enter an accelerator that will provide them the supports and resources to launch rapidly and efficiently.

Visit the official Startup Chile website.

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