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We help our clients build their own future, on their own terms.


Why Investors Want This New Asset Class

Obtaining a golden visa or citizenship by investment in another country is a creative way to break into new financial markets and open up a host of business opportunities, but the clients at Global Residence Index know it is valuable beyond a financial perspective, too. Holding a second passport can help provide a safe haven or lifestyle change for applicants and their families.

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In today’s global world, investing in safety and security is critical to the health and well-being of families worldwide. In short, the list of financial benefits associated with citizenship by investment programs or residency by investment programs may have a high value, but heading into the future with confidence and reassurance is priceless.


How We Help

At Global Residence Index, we specialize in guiding clients through the journey of obtaining golden visas and citizenship by investment. Committed to authentic, accurate advice, we prioritize our clients’ needs first. This client-centric approach ensures that every individual engaging with Global Residence Index’s advisory team receives personalized and honest advice.

Pre-screening checks

Pre-screening checks prior to opening an application.
This assures applicants that their application will be as issue-free as possible.

Preparation of applications

Collection and preparation of all required documents.
Application processes can be complex, and the document requirements are often very specific, but with our help, applicants can apply with confidence, knowing everything is organized and complete.

Close relationship with governments

Maintaining a close relationship with partnering governments.
Fostering a long-lasting partnership with each country we work with helps keep us connected in the industry and moves application processes along quickly and seamlessly.

Presenting our clients' best interests

Representing our clients’ best interests.
We exist to ensure that our clients have a voice at every level of the application process.

In our eyes, working with clients to help them apply to citizenship by investment programs is about so much more than navigating a government system and obtaining a passport; it’s about helping every family feel safe and secure, no matter what the future brings, and that is not something we take lightly.

Visa-free travel with citizenship by investment

Our Principles

It is through effective teamwork that Global Residence Index has been able to grow, continuing to assist more clients every year through the application process of their choosing. We have a lengthy list of programs we partner with, but it is the professionalism and skill set of our team that matters most. Our four guiding principles – Collaboration, Efficiency, Accuracy, and Professionalism – are the foundation of everything we do.


Strong partnerships with our clients and the governing bodies of the programs we partner with are critical to the success of each application. By taking time to understand the goals of our clients prior to applying, we can help them determine the best options for their families, understand any obstacles that may come up, and navigate the challenges with them. Collaboration with every partner program helps the process progress with ease, putting less of a burden on often overextended governing bodies.


We know that personal situations and circumstances can change overnight, so working efficiently to obtain passports for our clients is our major objective. Whether they are seeking a safe haven or international business expansion, there is never any time to waste. It is up to us to ensure the application process is swift and simple for both sides of the equation.


Government documents are complex, seeking detailed information about the applicant and their families, and without a competent agent, paperwork can be filled out incorrectly or submitted improperly. With laser focus and attention to detail, our team helps reduce the occurrence of errors throughout the process, helping our clients secure their new assets as quickly as possible.


We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations every step of the way. With top-notch professionalism and industry expertise, we can provide assistance that is truly unmatched. Our customers expect a high level of service and unparalleled quality, and that is exactly what they will get from the team at Global Residence Index.

Our Purpose

The future can often feel uncertain when left up to chance, but by seeking out security and opportunity in the form of citizenship by investment or residency by investment, our clients are not leaving anything up to chance.

We help our clients build their own future, on their own terms.

We see our role as so much more than providing legal expertise and administrative know-how; our role is helping families navigate uncharted territories in search of a better life.

Let us help you!

As a trusted golden visa & citizenship by investment agent, our team is equipped to assess the ideal options for your unique situation, facilitate your application process, and keep you in compliance every step of the way. Our personalized investment migration consulting is your one-stop shop for obtaining a second citizenship or new residency. Fill out our contact form to get started with a complimentary consultation today.


What to expect during your consultation?

We proudly offer free consultations to interested applicants.
Here is what you can expect from your free consultation with our advisory team:


By the end of the consultation, you will know if you’re eligible to apply so you don't spend time and money investigating yourself


We will answer any specific questions you have about the program and application process


Our advisory team will explain every step of the process in detail so you know what to expect


We’ll help you understand the best programs and options for your situation