Canada immigrant entrepreneur




In Canada, each Province can nominee its immigrants and in the case of Quebec, select them. The most popular Immigrant Entrepreneurs programs are those of British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec and the Federal Startup Visa. They enable foreigners to establish a business in a specific province and gain residency in Canada. The great benefit of the path is that it provides the quickest way into Canada. Also, investment requirements are relatively low. After 6 months of being admitted you are eligible for permanent residence. Then after 3 years, you are eligible for Canadian citizenship.



North America


37 million




Canadian Dollar (CAD)


English, French

Investment Amounts

Investment amount 300,000 CAD OR 200,000 CAD outside of Greater Montreal
Quebec Application fees 1,099 CAD
Federal PR fees Processing fee 1575 CAD and right of permanent residence fee 500 CAD
Investment amount 200,000 CAD OR 100,000 CAD for the regional program
Application fees 3,500 CAD + 5,000CAD (estimated due diligence cost)
Investment amount 600,000 CAD OR 400,000 CAD outside of Greater Toronto
Application fees 3,500 CAD + 5,000CAD (estimated due diligence cost)

Application Process

  • Stage 1 Month 1

    Each program has a different process, but most of them are pts-based. Meaning based on your profile (age, experience, project etc…) you will receive a certain amount of points. In the cases of BC and Ontario, you must first register an online Expression of Interest (EOI). Your online EOI is entered into the selection pool and ranked by points. Periodically, registrants are selected and invited to formally apply to the Entrepreneur program. If you are invited to apply, you can submit a complete application and application fees.

  • Stage 2 Month 4

    If your application is approved, you will sign a Performance Agreement outlining the commitments you have made in your EOI to invest and create jobs in the province. You will be issued a temporary work permit support letter to apply for a temporary work permit from IRCC.

  • Stage 3 Month 6

    You can receive your temporary work permit and can land in Canada. If you meet the commitments of your Performance Agreement, you may be eligible for permanent residence within six months of being nominated..



  • Fast processing time
  • Low investment requirements
  • Financing above the minimum amount possible
  • Allowed to purchase an existing business in most cases
  • Innovative Startups get more points
  • Spouse and children until 19y-old can qualify




  • Active involvement in the business
  • A Net worth of 400,000 CAD and more to show in some cases
  • If selected by a province, you need to settle in it until PR
  • Create at least 1 job in most cases

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