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HNWI Index by Global Residence Index

Latest update: November 21, 2023

The Global HNWI Index by Global Residence Index ranks 181 world cities. The ranking incorporates 18 different indexes, all in relation to what makes a city great for Global Citizens to relocate. We have placed different weights on each of our 18 different indexes in order to have a general ranking of cities. Our ranking adopts the Global Citizen perspective and may differ from Quality of Life Indexes or other rankings. Many of the indexes are tailored to the wealthy, and others, like the luxury and passport indexes, would not feature in a normal Quality of Life Index. Few of the indexes are country-based, either because factors apply to the whole jurisdiction (i.e., Passport) or because real data is lacking or too difficult to obtain (i.e., English proficiency). We have added five BRIC cities so that investors from those cities can compare their towns with potential future destinations.

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Each individual index page on our site will offer more precise information on the source and methodology.

The Indexes are provided by Stephane Tajick Consulting.