Luxembourg Investor Visa




Luxembourg is the latest immigrant investor program to be created in Europe in 2017. The Grand Duchee of Luxembourg is one of the safest and wealthiest place in Europe. Located between France, Belgium and Germany, French and German are commonly spoken so is English.







Luxembourg City


Euro (EUR)


French, German

Investment Amounts

Investment amount EUR 500,000 in an existing company with its registered office in Luxembourg an commit to keep for a duration of at least 5 years
Investment amount EUR 500,000 in a new business still to be created, with its registered office in Luxembourg and at least 5 work positions which must be created within 3 years of the incorporation of the business.
Investment amount EUR 3 million in a management and investment structure, either existing or still to be created
Investment amount EUR 20 million in the form of a deposit of funds with a financial institution established in Luxembourg, and with the commitment to keep said deposit for at least 5 years.

Application Process

  • Stage 1 Month 1

    Collect document and submit application to the Immigration Directorate. Investors must obtain an approval from the Minister of the Economy or from the Minister of Finance depending on the investment.

  • Stage 2 Month 3

    The Directorate will examine the application and produce a response within 3 months. Once approved the applicant will receive a letter of approval.

  • Stage 3 Month 4

    After arrival into Luxembourg, you need to register with your commune in Luxembourg within 3 days of arrival. Applicants will need to undergo a medical check. Once all this is done the investor can apply for the residence permit.



  • Parents can qualify after 12 months of residence
  • Receive a 5-year residence permit
  • Minor child can qualify as dependent




  • Proof of suitable housing
  • Proof of stable, regular and sufficient financial resources
  • Provide a Police report
  • Have a health insurance certificate for himself and his family
  • Not leave Luxembourg for more than 6 months consecutively

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