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Estonia Residence by Investment

Estonia Residence by Investment

Estonia is a European Union country located in the Baltic region. Its favorable tax regime has made it an interesting place for business people to relocate.  The country offers 3 paths for business people into the country.


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Estonia Immigrant Entrepreneur program

Under general conditions if you have a holding in a company or you operate as a sole proprietor and you have invested in business activity in Estonia at least 65,000 EUR of capital (in the case of a self-employed person, 16,000 EUR). The company’s equity capital, subordinated liability and the amount of registered fixed assets can be regarded as constituting investment.

After 1 year, when applying for the extension of residence permit, the investment requirement set for application for residence permit may be replaced by the sales income (at least 200,000 EUR per year) or by the social security tax paid in Estonia (in each month at least equal to the monthly social security tax paid in Estonia from the fivefold remuneration of Estonian annual average gross wages).

Estonia Startup visa

the start-up company must have been previously evaluated by the expert committee, unless a specification applies. Here you can find more information on the evaluation and specifications of start-ups.

Specifications in case the evaluation of the expert committee is not required:

  • start-up company is pointed out in the directive of the Minister of the Interior as a start-up company that meets the conditions of the Aliens Act. A list can be found from here
  • the expert committee has already given an assessment to the start-up over the last five years. However, if needed, the Police and Border Guard Board may demand in the course of the procedure that the start-up request a new evaluation from the expert committee.

Estonia Major Investor

You are eligible for this stream if you have made a direct investment of at least 1M EUR in a company entered into the commercial register of Estonia that invests mostly into the Estonian economy, or an investment in an investment fund, according to the investment policy of which the instruments of the fund are invested mainly in companies entered into the commercial register of Estonia. Here you can find more information on the conditions of applying for a residence permit as a major investor.

The investment must be permanent during the period of validity of the residence permit. Investment is permanent in case the investment does not decrease during the period of validity of the residence permit, except for the causes attributable to the fluctuation of the market price of the investment.

For more information visit the government website.

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