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Top 7 Best Islands in the Caribbean

Stephane Tajick

Last updated: May 2, 2023

Top 7 Best Islands in the Caribbean

No one can refuse that the Caribbean is a dream holiday destination of most people. For your information, this region covers the Caribbean Sea, thirty island territories, and many more islets, reefs, and cays. As every island here comes with an exclusive influence and history, you can’t stop yourself falling in love with this place once you make a visit.

While some islands of The Caribbean are celebrated for their white sand beaches as well as resorts, others become the centre of attraction for those who want to delight in an unforgettable experience of scuba diving and fishing. Well, there are also folks who love to sail from island to island to have a more in-depth experience and a peep of local life.

Here, in today’s article post, we have brought you the list of top 7 Caribbean islands. Just keep on reading to make out them and then decide which one is going to be your next destination for a holiday.

Antigua and Barbuda

A name that tops this list is Antigua and Barbuda – the best island in the Caribbean. Without any doubt, this island is just perfect for those who reject staying in a single place all through the holidays. Here, you can choose to go for beach & island hopping daily when you come to this yachting destination. And the best thing about this place is that you can easily hit upon scores of options for housing and activities, no matter what budget your pocket has. For those that fall in love with the island, Antigua & Barbuda offers a citizenship by investment program for those that buy a property on the island.

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antigua barbuda citizenship by investment program


Is your perfect holiday just about sitting around the beach and lazing round the clock? If it is a big yes, then this place is for you. In line with the international holiday experts, Anguilla’s beaches are amid the best on this planet we live in with clear waters and white sand alongside the seashore. Also, it is considered best for beach enthusiasts, inexpensive travel, couples, families, and water sports.   Anguilla was voted the best Island in the Caribbean in 2019 by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Move there has now been made easy with the new Select Anguilla Residency Program.


If you are in quest of one of the most prominent destinations in the Caribbean for family travel, then the Bahamas can, of course, be your choice. Apart from the well-known Paradise Island, you can also come across many other veiled gems where you’ll be able to experience diving, gentle beaches, and luxury lodgings.


Indeed, it is a wonderful option for travellers who are on the outlook for exploring al fresco activities at lesser charges than some of its adjacent islands. Barbados’s more than a few beaches provide you with wonderful waves for windsurfing. And when it comes to Golfers, they can also plan a vacation here and rejoice as this island comes with some truly delicate golf courses.

Barbados Residence by Investment


Unquestionably, for a really striking and foreign experience in the Caribbean, everyone wishes to holiday at Cuba right now. What is more, it is said that this place actually seems it has just been set free from a time case from the 1950s, but if truth to be told there is still so much intact exquisiteness that can be travelled around. Besides, you can find city adventures to explore, appetizing food to luxuriate in and great music to perform jazz on.


Puerto Rico

Believe it or not, but Puerto Rico is another most excellent destination in the Caribbean IMO. Here, you can see and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and even in the world, the only rainforest in North America, colourful streets, and nightlife, casinos & live music, delicious food, etc. Moreover, if you belong to the United States, then there is even no need to have a passport to head to Puerto Rico.


Let’s agree to that Dominica is the ideal place for one and all in the hunt for something different than the usual seaside Caribbean destination. If we talk about the terrain and geography of this wonderful place, it will facilitate you with the just right countryside for open-air activities. Also, there you can go for hiking & waterfalls and enjoy diving, mountainous rainforests, mud baths, and so on. Dominica also offers citizenship by Investment program. 

Dominica citizenship investment programHope you would have liked this list of top 7 best islands in the Caribbean. So, just brace yourself for a fun holiday on the island of your choice on the list. Happy Holidaying!

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