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The 2016 Global Residence Industry Report is Out

Stephane Tajick

Last updated: September 9, 2022

The 2016 Global Residence Industry Report is Out


This report is an annual publication that cater to the industry professionals around the world. The report gives an insight to what has been happening in the industry this year and provides key information to further the readers understanding of the industry. It is not to be confused with the annual publication the Global Residence & Citizenship Report which is designed for clients and HNWI individuals.


The report highlight some of main cities in the world with the largest concentration of millionaires and their reasons to want to migrate. Around 150 world cities are examined in the GRIR 16 to give a global scope to the report.


The report details more than a hundred Residence & Citizenship programs from around the world to give the industry professional a quick glance of all the products around the world available to their clients.


You will find much….go on download you copy for free here

The 2016 Global Residence Industry Report

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