Business Investor Residence Program in Asia

Business Investor Residence Program in Asia

Asia is normally associated with emigration rather than immigration. Millions of people in Asia move to another country every year, but many of them actually move to another Asian country. There are many great Asian cities to live in, with many of them ranking at the top of our 2019 Global Residence City Index. Asia has many residence programmes if you include business investor/entrepreneur visas. Residence permits for those wanting to start a business are very common and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them have such options for foreign entrepreneurs.

If we want to narrow the list down to investor visas, here is a list:

Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa also offer a Startup option. There is no minimum investment requirement, but you’d better have a good project. You’ll get a 2-year temporary residence permit.

Indonesia Investor Visa requires the approval of the Investment branch of the country. Depending on the size of the project, you can receive a 6-month to 2-year residence permit.

Japan Business Manager Visa minimum investment is set at JPY 5M. You get a 1- to 3-year residence permit. Learn more here.

Macau Major Investor Visa has no minimum requirement but it’s supposed to be at least USD 500,000. You receive a 1-year residence permit.

Malaysia Investor Visa requires a USD 2M investment in bank deposits. You will receive a 5-year permit. You can also apply for the Malaysia My2home programme.

Singapore Global Residence Programme requires a minimum investment of SGD 2.5M either in your own business or an investment fund. You receive permanent residence. Learn more here.

South Korea Incorporate Enterprise Visa requires only KRW 100M. South Korea offers many options for entrepreneurs and business investors but this one is the most popular. For more information read here.

Taiwan Business Investor Visa requires a minimum TWD 15M investment. You can also make that investment into bonds or choose the completely different Startup option. You get permanent residence.

Thailand Investor Visa requires a minimum THB 10M investment in a limited company, in government securities or in stocks. You get an annual resident permit. You also have the Thai Elite Visa for residence purposes.

UAE Investor Visa for business investors requires an AED 10M investment. It provides a 10-year permit. There is also the Entrepreneur programme for AED 500,000. For more information read here.

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